The Meaning Behind #WeChooseHope

Choosing hope can be done as an individual, but at Pure Charity we believe that our impact is stronger when our giving is rooted in community. Pure Charity connects you to stories, nonprofits, and communities of like minded individuals who are partaking in amazing projects around the world today. It’s our desire that we become a community of storytellers showcasing the hope that can be found amongst even the darkest social issues we face. #WeChooseHope is both a declaration of our battle cry and a way for us to be inspired by how YOU are choosing hope and making a lasting impact today.

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When to use the tagline:

-When sharing stories about your organization’s work

-When sharing your campaign

-When sharing positive statistics about change

-Stories that relate to Pure Charity’s mission and vision


When not to use the tagline:

-With pictures that do not promote individuals in a positive light

-When sharing negative statistics about social issues

-Stories that do not relate to Pure Charity’s mission or vision

-Calls of actions that ask directly for money