Meet Salila!

By: International Justice Mission

Our friend Salila was only a girl when she was tricked into the evil world of human trafficking. The false promise of a good job in the big city turned out to be a trick forcing her to work in a brothel against her will. When she first got to the brothel, she said, “I kept crying that I wanted to go home to my parents, but they [the brothel keepers] threatened me and I was very afraid.”

Trapped in slavery, Salila thought no one would come to rescue her….until one hopeful day. An IJM investigator found Salila and worked with local authorities to rescue her from the brothel. Once free, she joined an aftercare home to get the healing she needs and deserves. Today, Salila sells handmade goods, lives in her own apartment and has a bank account in her name.

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As the leading human rights organization with the vision to rescue thousands, protect millions, and prove that justice for the poor is possible, our goal with Pure Charity is to rescue more women and girls like Salila from sex trafficking. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime estimate the total market value of human trafficking worldwide to be $32 billion. With such a huge problem, we need to be aggressive in fighting it.

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International Justice Mission (IJM) brings rescue to victims of slavery, sex trafficking and other forms of violent oppression. We rescue and restore victims of violence, restrain the criminals who oppress them, and—through local partnerships—help rebuild broken law enforcement and court systems so they protect the poor for good.