Nonprofit Fundraising Software and Systems.

Every nonprofit has a unique contribution to creating a better tomorrow.  Pure Charity’s software  and systems can help.

Build Capacity.

Building capacity requires the right systems, the right strategies, and the right partners to create sustainable and efficient growth.

We can help.

The Right Systems.

We build software from the ground up beginning with fundamental human behaviors and insights informed trends of giving and generosity.

We have the expertise to build and the maintain the software that will drive your growth strategies.

The Right Strategies.

Technology should be an organizational asset used to launch, execute, and scale your mission.

We help develop executable strategies to meet the needs of tomorrow’s donors who will fund your organization’s growth initiatives.

The Right Partners.

Since 2011, we have had the privilege of partnering with over 750+ nonprofits who have raised over $200,000,000.

Our experience and services have grown from first hand experience as we are working alongside our partners all across the world.   Today, we understand what it takes to grow organizations that serve people.

Our Systems.

Our Software.

Nonprofit Donation Processing Software

We offer donation management systems that use the most effective online payment methods including automated physical check processing.

Fundraising & Campaign Management Software

People help other people.  Personalize and customize powerful human connection programs to grow your impact.


Child Sponsorship Software

People help other people.  Personalize and customize powerful human connection programs to grow your impact.


Trip Management and Fundraising Software

Everything from the Application Process, Collecting Funds, Managing Personal Fundraising, Secure Communications, and Returning Participants.

Website Development for Nonprofits

Security, hosting, integrations, development, design implementation, backups, outage prevention, upgrades, and more while you sleep.

Salesforce Integration for Advanced Donor Management

The most extensive Salesforce Integration in the Marketplace integrating Donors, Donations, Child Sponsorships, Trip Management, and more.

Fundraising Frameworks

A human behavior centered fundraising framework that drives results.

Donors want to be involved, provide the most effective path for each person to make an impact.


Donor Giving Accounts

Integrated Donor Giving Accounts that manage payment methods, giving statements, contact information, notifications, and more.

Pure Charity API

API services can connect Pure Charity services with your Website for custom design and donor experiences.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Pure Charity offers simple, cost-effective solutions as an alternative to the complexity of operating an independent nonprofit or foundation.

Giving Circles

Build giving communities who set aside funds each month and collaborate on deploying resources to promote human flourishing.

White Label Customization

Software solutions that keep your organization’s identity front and center.

Branded donation pages, custom donor account Log In, fundraisers, and more.