Giving Circles:

give & advocate, together.

Pure Charity Giving Circles provide a whole new way to give.

Whether you are a nonprofit or just someone who cares deeply about doing good. Giving Circles allow donors to pool their funds, make community decisions about where to give, and have a huge collective impact for the causes they care about.

How it Works


Give Together

Pull friends, family, or co-workers together for greater collective giving. A Giving Circle allows advocates to participate together in a new way and make a huge impact.

Recurring Giving & One-Time

Giving Circle Members join by making a recurring giving commitment (you can set a minimum amount) and they can also give one-time contributions for special projects or campaigns.

Support Your Favorite Nonprofit

A Giving Circle can be issue-focused to support multiple Charities, support Personal Fundraisers for Adoptions, Missions, and more.

Some of our Favorite Giving Circles

HOPE Mob / Global Girls Night / Pure Charity

Legacy Collective

Veteran’s Collective

Global Girls Night

The Mentoring Project

Hope MOB

Bread & Wine Church

Global Girls Night

Create a Giving Circle

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