Fiscal Sponsorship.

Pure Charity offers a simple, cost-effective solution for collecting and distributing charitable assets to serve as an alternative to the complexity, hassle and burden of operating an independent nonprofit or foundation.

Move Forward.

With Pure Charity serving as your fiscal sponsor, your charitable work can move forward quickly and confidently without the complexity of starting or maintaining a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization or private foundation.

Collect Donations.

Create a designated fund to collect tax-deductible donations to use for your charitable efforts.  Once you are ready to deploy those resources, the Pure Charity team is there to ensure all of the boxes are checked to satisfy legal and regulations with transparency to fund managers.

Operational Needs Solved.

From creating websites, processing donations, disbursing funds, accounting services, fundraising support, and more, you are free to focus on moving your mission forward to care for people.  

A Foundation From Which Thrive.

Pure Charity is a partner who can provide the organizational foundation, so that you are empowered to create sustainable, effective, and meaningful change.

Theory of Change:  When people can focus on leading their mission without the burden of operational complexities, more people are cared for and less money is required.

Fiscal Sponsorship Examples.

Comprehensive Services that Empower Change.

Incubator for New Charitable Ideas

New ideas in Social Innovation are emerging all the time.  Do not let them be bogged down because of typical start-up challenges, complexities, and costs.

Legal, Compliance, and Security Solutions

Our team provides the proper legal structures, data compliance practices, and security measures.

Nonprofit Expertise

Our team has founded and supported nonprofits from concept to growth stages.  We can help.

Fund Management

Create a secure fund for your charitable social innovation efforts and provide tax-deductible ways for people to contribute.

Accounting & Payroll Solutions

Accounting and payroll services to help you start and grow.

Comprehensive Services that Empower Change.

Fundraising Tools and Experience

Beginning with a fundamental human need to give back, our tools are built from out 8+ years of experience.