A Team of Experienced Nonprofit Practioners.

Our team has founded nonprofits, led nonprofits, grown nonprofits, and served on nonprofit boards.  We understand how hard it is.  We understand what it takes.

We ignite growth with nonprofits creating a better tomorrow.

We work with select nonprofit organizations to grow your impact through Fundraising, Technology, Donor Development, and Mobilization Strategies.

Theory of Change

Pure Charity works within a “Theory of Change” to plan how and why a desired change is expected to happen in a particular context.

We are focused on mapping out the “missing middle” between what a change initiative does and how these lead to desired goals being achieved.

Nonprofit Theory of Change.

When Organizations invest in infrastructure—which includes information technology systems, financial systems, skills training, fundraising processes, donor insights, and other essentials—they are more likely to grow than those who do not.

Growth creates the opportunity for more lives changed.

Our Process

Step 1: Listen

We listen.  We ask questions.  We seek to understand.  Through our requirements gathering process, we learn about you, your work, your challenges, and your opportunities.  

Step 2: Solution Design

We build a unique road map for each organization with whom we partner.  We focus on specific growth initiatives and phases that are both empowering and efficient.

Step 3: Implementation

We will work with, beside, and for you to implement the specific phases of the identified growth solution.  

Tangible Life Changing Impact

Our metric of success is judged in the improvement of lives.  This success can be measured in many ways that are unique to each nonprofit organization; however, we believe every human life has infinite value that deserves dignity, opportunity, and second chances.

Dollars Raised

Nonprofits Supported

Our Story

In 2008, while working in rural Malawi, Africa our founders experienced firsthand the challenges nonprofit organizations faced.  The lack of resources could be solved, but we needed partners who could help us grow.  From that experience, the Pure Charity story began.