Pure Charity Update

Febuary 2023

End of Year Statements Complete

End-of-Year Statements from Pure Charity have been to be distributed.

Here are a few reminders:

  • Year End Giving Statements were made available to Donors on January 31st via their Donor Giving Account.
  • Donors received an email with a link directing them to Sign In to their Giving Accounts and download their Giving Statement (PDF Format).
    • If Donors do not remember their Password, please refer them to our easy-to-follow Help Desk Article “Resetting my Password.”
    • If they need further assistance they can email help@purecharity.com or call / text (855)-855-9594
  • Any Donors who do not have an email address on file will be mailed a paper statement per IRS Regulations.

Best Practice:

  • Run a donation report to confirm any donors who may have donated a few hours before midnight (CST) on Dec 31st.
  • The Pure Charity system does not attribute donations by donor’s individual time zone, so if any time zone adjustments are required please email help@purecharity.com and we will be glad to make an adjustment.

Ability for Donor to Cover Processing Fees on Recurring Donations

Donors now have the ability to include any processing fees in their contribution for Recurring Donations.

With our recent server upgrades donors can now choose to cover the processing fees on recurring donations…


    • On the Donation Form, they can simply click the box labeled “Add 5% to help cover the processing and transaction fees”
    • Once selected the total donation will be updated to cover the transaction fee automatically and will be reflected at the bottom of the page under “Donation Summary

Individual Sponsorship Edit Update

Pure Charity is continually finding ways to make our Partners user experiences even better.

We have made it easier and faster for you to edit individual sponsorships.

The short video below will explain:


    • Add a new Sponsorship
    • Edit an existing Sponsorship

Infrastructure Upgrade

Over the past few months, Pure Charity has a completed a major infrastructure upgrade.

The great news is that this upgrade allows us to serve you even better than before.

This Means:

    • Faster loading speeds.
    • Lessen system maintenance windows.
    • Security upgrades
    • Foundation for future software upgrades (more information coming soon).

Have Questions?

Check out these other help desk articles or send an email to help@purecharity.com and we will be happy to assist you.