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Managing Failed Recurring Donations

Pure Charity makes it easy for you to identify errored donations and provide assistance.

Here is a short video to walk you through the process of managing failed recurring donations.


Help Desk Articles Mentioned in Video:

Trip Management & Trip Fundraising

Pure Charity’s Trip Management Software is a powerful feature that is available to all of our Partner Organizations.

If it has been a while (i.e. pre-COVID) since you have used Trip Management, or if you have not used Trip Management before please Contact Us for a Demo.


Or, ready to jump back in to Trip Management & Trip Fundraising?

How to Create a Trip:

If you are interested in learning how to create a Trip or wanting to learn how the entire Trip Management System works, we would be happy to connect.

Click Here to Learn How to Create a Trip.

Setting Trip Privacy:

There are a three different Privacy Settings for Trips that allow your organization to manage who is able to see and register for Trips.

Click Here to learn more about Trip Privacy.

Removing a Trip Participant:

If a Trip Participant is not able to go on a Trip, there are a few steps that can be taken to remove the participant from a Trip.

Click Here to learn how to remove a Trip Participant.

Pure Charity Trips + Salesforce Integration:

Pure Charity’s Salesforce Applications sends Trip Participants’ data in real-time to Salesforce.  This combination forms a powerful Donor Management System ready to move your mission forward.

Click Here for Pure Charity Salesforce Application Documentation.

Interested in learning more about how
Pure Charity + Salesforce
can support your Donor Management Strategies?

New Checkout Experience!
(Coming Soon)

The rumors are true. Pure Charity has a whole new Donation Checkout Experience is coming soon.

More information to come, but here’s a sneak peek of some of the new features.


Feature Highlights:


  • Ability to Donate as a Guest (no Donor Account confirmation required)
  • Enhanced Mobile friendly User Experience & Design
  • Enhanced Nonprofit Branding Integration
  • More Payment Method Options
  • Donors have option of covering Donation Processing Fees on all Donation activities
  • Enhanced Security Protocols