Pure Charity works with non-profits both locally and globally to help them receive funding for their projects that are focused on alleviating the most pressing social justice topics.  Each one of the projects hosted on Pure Charity works within one of our six cause categories: Food, Freedom, Health, Opportunity, Relief and Water.   We chose to focus on these social justice issues in order to align with the United Nation’s Millennial Development Goals in hopes of being a part of alleviating the most pressing human rights violations around the world.

Cause Categories

Below is a quick summary of each of these social justice topics and a little about the need that our partnering non-profits are trying to meet.



Goal:  Eradicate extreme hunger and improve basic nutrition and sustenance



Goal:  End slavery/human trafficking, promote gender equality and reduce violence

  • 27 million slaves worldwide; most in history
  • 2.4 millions victims of human trafficking; 2/3 women



Goal:  Provide access to basic care, combat disease, & treat those impacted by disease or injury.

  • 1.8 million HIV/AIDS deaths; top infectious killer
  • 1.4 million deaths due to Tuberculosis (TB)
  • 655 thousand deaths due to malaria; down 25%



Goal:  Eradicate extreme poverty, care for orphans/vulnerable and education

  • 50% of world lives on less than $2.50 per day
  • 153 million orphans; 17 million from HIV/AIDS
  • 75 million children miss out an education
  • 3.8 million experience homelessness in US


Goal:  Respond to emergency relief efforts from natural disasters, war & famine.

  • 230 million people affected by natural disasters
  • 28 million internally displaced persons (IDPs)
  • 15 million refugees served by the UN



Goal:  Provide access to safe clean drinking water & basic sanitation

  • 894 million lack access to improved water sources
  • 2.5 billion live without basic sanitation
  • Every 20 seconds a child dies because of poor sanitation


There are so many amazing organizations working within each of these social justice topics and no matter what cause you are most passionate about you can find projects to support here.