Last week, Pure Charity invited Dan Portnoy to speak at our webinar discussing storytelling for nonprofits. As promised, we’ve made this webinar accessible to our attendees, along with additional contact information.

Dan PortnoyDan is the author of The Nonprofit Narrative: How Stories Can Save the WorldHe loves helping passionate people strive for the impossible and on several occasions he’s seen it happen. For over a decade, Dan has worked with the toughest outposts of Fortune 500 companies to get them back on track and with big results. He is sought after to help flesh out business ideas, coach teams and lead senior staff through the digital age.

During the webinar, Dan focuses on four goals to better equip nonprofit storytellers:

1) How to think like a storyteller.
2) How to use your current tools for implementing a great story.
3) How to respect the channel.
4) How to jumpstart your next campaign.

Through movie references and comedic relief, this informative speaker will surely keep you entertained.  So grab some popcorn, have your notepad and pen handy, and watch Pure Charity’s latest webinar!


Connect with Dan Portnoy at:

Twitter: @DanPortnoy

If you are interested in becoming a field partner with Pure Charity, click here.