Looking to customize your fundraising experience on Pure Charity?

Say hello to our new Fundraiser Templates!

As an organization, we know that it can be hard to keep consistent branding and story between your campaign vision, and individuals who are fundraising on your behalf. Our Fundraiser Templates allow you to change that! Now you can customize a fundraising experience for a specific group of people, or around a specific campaign or cause.

Our Fundraiser Template allows you to design a fundraiser with a set story, specific pictures & videos, a customized fundraiser title & URL, and other fundraiser specifics you wish to make required. Whether you are creating a template for an internship, mission trip, or personal support fundraiser, this allows you to have more control over your program’s fundraising ventures, while also providing simplicity to the fundraiser creation process for each individual.

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A great example of our Fundraiser Template in action today is Preemptive Love’s Internship Campaign. Preemptive Love is teaching and equipping 5-6 interns this summer to carry out their mission to eradicate the backlog of Iraqi children waiting in line for lifesaving heart surgery in pursuit of peace between communities at odd.

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Preemptive Love has encouraged their interns to rally their community behind their internship by offering the opportunity to help financially support each intern for the summer through Pure Charity’s mission & service fundraising tools.

The Preemptive Love team created an “Internship” template that was customized to reflect the information they wanted available for potential donors to see in regards to their summer internship program, and then had each intern create a fundraiser for each of their own specific internship costs. The fundraiser portrayed the story and vision that the Preemptive Love team wanted to cast, while still allowing the individuals to give a personal touch to each of their own fundraisers.

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So how do you get started?

Go to your Field Partner Dashboard and click “Fundraiser” in the far left menu. From there you will be able to click, “New Template” at the bottom of the page, and input the information designed for your specific program.

After you create the template, individuals will be able to go to your Field Partner landing page and click the orange button labeled “Create a Fundraiser,” and then choose the template they wish to fundraiser with—It’s that easy!

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To learn more about Preemptive Love’s Internship Campaign on Pure Charity, and how you can support their summer interns, click here. If you have any questions or need help with setting up a template for your organization, contact our Fundraiser Coach at mary.beth@purecharity.com.