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Rehema House (supported by Mercy House Kenya) is a place that uses a Biblical and holistic approach to aid teen moms who have endured hardships and trauma by transforming each mom physically, emotionally, socially, and economically. You can now use Pure Charity to be a part of Rehema House’s “Mother & Child Graduate Program!”

Being a part of this sponsorship program, you will help provide four years worth of the following to graduates who are transitioning from Rehema’s residential facility back to their homes:

School Fees

Uniforms Books

Medical needs that may arise for their children



As a part of the student’s economic growth, every graduate will be able to pay for her child’s education from the account that has been set aside from the product she has made during her residential stay (No money will exchange hands, Rehema will facilitate these accounts). Mother & Child Graduate Program gives these young moms hope for a better future and their child as they are receiving an education and learning to support themselves.

Check out Rehema House’s page on Pure Charity to learn more and to become a sponsor! It’s a beauty from ashes story over and over gain.

Click Here to view the Sponsorship!