We Have Some Exciting News!




Dear Friends,

Today is one of those special days when a new partnership truly transcends the passion to support nonprofits and the vulnerable people they serve and becomes something very personally connected to my family.

A little over four years ago, we opened our peer-to-peer fundraising tools to be used by Adoptive Families. As an adoptive family, we have experienced the concerns and struggles most all adoptive and would-be adoptive families face. Adoption is such a beautiful and extraordinary gift and every child deserves a home, but one of the largest barriers preventing that from happening is the cost. Too many children are unable to be placed with loving families because of the financial barriers that can be part of the adoption journey. To that end, Pure Charity has always been committed to serving adoptive families and their nonprofit adoption agencies to overcome this barrier.


Today, I am thrilled to announce we are able to do something even better.

Pure Charity has partnered with AdoptTogether to jointly become the world’s #1 adoption fundraising platform. We will be the engine that drives the AdoptTogether platform, and I could not be more proud to be in partnership with them.

This is a discussion that began almost two years ago when both Hank, AdoptTogether’s Founder, & I realized that had we known each other before both organizations had started we would have approached solving this problem of adoption fundraising together. That conversation led us down a road of dreaming that turned into collaboration that is now a single powerful force to serve adoptive families in their fundraising needs. This partnership now allows each of our organizations to focus on what they are best at.  AdoptTogether, led by Hank, can now run as fast as they can to raise awareness, engage partnerships, and support families through the adoption fundraising phases, and Pure Charity can run as fast as we can in creating the systems and solutions that are needed to meet the needs of adoptive families.  We have an incredibly talented Pure Charity team and I’m deeply grateful for their work in making this all possible.

The adoptive agencies we’ve supported remain dear to us and we will continue to serve them through robust feature sets like donor management, trip management, sponsorship programs, and much more, but as a nonprofit itself, AdoptTogether has the freedom to assist families beyond agency costs alone. Travel, language courses, assistance devices—all of the additional costs beyond what an agency typically requires. This means adoptive families can work to raise money to cover just about everything needed to provide a family for every child.

I am personally touched by each adoptive story that has made Pure Charity who we are today; I cannot wait to see who we are becoming through this partnership with AdoptTogether.  To learn more, visit PureCharity.com/Adoption.

We, with you, choose hope.


Mike Rusch, CEO Pure Charity