With the New Year finally here, we want to challenge YOU to make a difference using your passions, skills or hobbies!

Need a little bit of inspiration?! This past year we had the opportunity to support Chris Thornton as he ran a 50k and raised $6,400 for two nonprofits he cares deeply about: Help One Now and Children’s Safety Center. Checkout his story below for inspiration on how you can support nonprofits’ work around the world from your very own backyard!

Start Fundraising Today!

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1) What inspired you to start fundraising? 

I knew that I was going to reach for my goal of running a 50k in 2015 and this was a big personal goal for me. I thought using the run as a fundraiser to help two organizations that are close to my heart would be a great way to keep me focused, and accountable in my training. I serve on the board of the Children’s Safety Center and I have spent time the last 9 summers with my church in Uganda with the kids at the school. I wanted to take a personal goal and use it to be more than a selfish goal. Orphans and vulnerable children have a special place in my heart and so I thought why not combine my passion for running with helping.

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2) What was your ask, and why?

I asked for $5,000. Not sure why that amount honestly. I wanted something big to try for. Being my first fundraiser like this I was not sure what to shoot for, so I picked $5,000 to split between the two. I did want a goal I thought would be a stretch goal. Running 31 miles was a stretch goal for me so I thought lets match that with a fundraising stretch goal for the first one.

3) Why did you choose to raise funds for Help One Now and the Children’s Safety Center?

HON partners with our church by administering the child sponsorship program for our partner in Uganda. I have been involved in our church’s mission outreach/partnership with Pastor Edward in Uganda for the last 9 years. I love those kids and that school and Pastor Edward. As we have worked with HON to expand and strengthen the school I knew I wanted to support those kids.

I have served on the board of the Children’s Safety Center for the last 13 years and as the president the last 2 years. The center helps children who are victims of abuse. The staff are heros in my eyes for what they hear and see and experience helping the children and their families. I do not know how they do it everyday and keep coming back ready to help. I wanted to raise awareness of the center.

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4) How did you hear about Pure Charity?

My friend Mike Rusch and Pure Charity have started helping collect the monthly sponsorships for Help One Now in Uganda. I love the mission and always like to work with people I know and trust.

5) How did you engage your community to participate in your story?

Social media! I shared weekly updates on Facebook and via email. This was the main way to engage. And it was fantastic to be able to share with friends and family across the country. I had supporters from Texas and Missouri and beyond because of the ease of sharing updates via Facebook.

6) What was the response from your community?

Unbelievable! I got to share about both the Center and Uganda with people who had no idea. I was able to speak and raise more awareness than I thought possible. Plus I wanted to raise $5,000 and my community helped me raise $6,400!

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7) Was your fundraising experience how you imagined it would be?

No, but I was not sure what it would be like! It exceeded my expectations. It was easier to set up and share than I thought. Great experience and one I cannot wait to use again.

8) What was the overall outcome from your fundraiser?

$6,400 raised and expanded networks for both groups. The Center has already seen new donors straight to them as a result of this fundraiser!

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9) What would be your one piece of advice to those looking to fundraise through an event like a race, like you did?

Do one! Like Nike says just do it, but I say is do it today! It is easier than you think and Pure Charity will help (even with tech deficient people like me) and you will be able to do more than you think.

10) Would you do it again?! 


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To see Chris’ full story, visit his fundraiser here.