Data Protection & Security Policy

(Last Modified: June 1, 2018)


Contact information is stored in a secure environment with suitable guidelines in place to prevent unauthorized access.  Processors we use are also bound to these guidelines.



In order to service Pure Charity users and nonprofits we collect information from users and administrators, with their permission, that is used in the application, for marketing, and technical communication.   Examples of service provided to individuals include updates, resources for organizational management, training, and transaction-related communication.


With your permission, we will use your data to maintain contact by telephone, email, or offline.  We will ask your permission before sending marketing related emails or providing this information to third parties.  



Where data is processed

We process data at our home office at 210 North Walton Blvd., Suite 27, Bentonville, AR 71712, third party services contracted by us,  and through our data processors.


Data is additionally processed by nonprofits, with your permission,  when using the Pure Charity application. Refer to nonprofit privacy policies before providing your data.  



Data retention and purpose

Data is retained, with your express permission,  while the your activity is relevant to nonprofit organization management as long as the profile is in an open status.  This data can be removed in accordance with our opt-out provisions.



Data Protection Officer

Pure Charity has appointed a Data Protection Officer responsible for:

  • Managing data protection and security policy.
  • Registering with supervising authorities and maintaining compliance standards.
  • Improving security awareness through training and communication to data owners and employees with access to personal data.
  • Reviewing internal procedures to protect data and ensure compliance with data protection and security policy.
  • Central contact for queries on data protection and handling of data breach reporting.

Questions regarding this policy can be sent to   Right to Portability Requests for data are provided in CSV or PDF format.

What choices do I have about how my information is used?

You may opt-out of receiving email from us by email, telephone, or written request.

Call or Text:  +1 (855) 855-9594
Mailing address:  210 North Walton Blvd., Suite 27, Bentonville, AR 71712