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/month for 30 days

+ 2% Pure Charity Fee

+ 3% Std. Credit Card Processing Fees

Affordable forever.

Grow your nonprofit with Pure Charity.

Enjoy access to all of Pure Charity’s core platform features with unlimited donations, fundraisers, trips, and sponsorships.



+ 2% Pure Charity Fee

+ 3% Std. Credit Card Processing Fees


Our goal is to help your nonprofit grow.

As you grow, Pure Charity is prepared to meet your changing needs.

Custom Pricing for Nonprofits Raising $1 Million+ Annually

Every nonprofit gets every feature, regardless of your size, including:

Unlimited Core Features

Unlimited Fundraiser Pages

Unlimited Sponsorship Programs

Unlimited Trips

Unlimited Peer to Peer Fundraising & Support

Unlimited Online, ACH, & Physical Check Donations (all with the same 5% total fee)

Unlimited Donors

Unlimited Admin Accounts

Unlimited Self-Service Use of Plugins, Embeds, & Reporting

Branded Donation Checkout Screens

Branded Donor Experience (Receipts, Login, Donor Accounts)

World-Class Support & Expert Coaching

Dedicated Account Manager

Responsive Support Team

Access to Library of Tutorials

Expert Fundraising Help

Access to Coaching & Consulting

Ongoing Training & Staff Support

Free Nonprofit Training & Resources

Early Access to Free Online Training Events & Webinars

Free E-Books & Downloadable Guides

Helpful Toolkits & Checklists

Podcast for Nonprofit Leaders

+ Our promise to never solicit your donors.

You can learn more about Pure Charity terms by reviewing our Terms of Use.

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Enterprise Packages for Scale.

Wordpress Packages

Gain confidence that your most important digital asset—your website— is secure, healthy, backed-up, and easy-to-edit.

You have outgrown your techy friend/nephew/second-cousin’s-sister-in-law.

We handle website setup, hosting, security monitoring, backups, and WordPress core updates.

Once your site is set up, you’ll have an easy-to-edit website, testing environment, and the knowledge you’ll need to build, manage, and grow your site.



for WordPress Base Package

Wordpress Base Package (Click for Details)

Get peace of mind knowing your site is in the hands of trusted professionals.

Keep your site current and up to date with changing digital landscape.

Services Included in WordPress Base Package:

  • Installation & Initial Training of Visual Website Builder
  • Website Hosting
  • 24/7 Site Monitoring
  • Regular Security Scans
  • Offsite Backups
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Self Managed Website Designer / Theme Builder
  • Staging Environment for Testing
Custom WordPress Services Available

These services are not included with the WordPress Package but can be purchased at an hourly rate.

  • Initial website build out, with content import (we’ll rebuild your old website on WordPress)
  • Website layout customization
  • Code help from developer
  • Plugin setup ** 
  • DNS assistance **
  • Outage help
  • Debugging
  • Speed optimization
  • SEO optimization
  • Custom development

Note: Only nonprofits who are signed up for the WordPress Base Package are eligible for these hourly services.

Managed Web Services Package

Can’t afford to hire an employee to manage your website, but need help every month? This package is for you.

Those enrolled in the “WordPress Package” can sign up for a monthly “Managed Web Services Package” that includes priority access to all services in the “Hourly WordPress Services”, including: initial site build-out, site layout changes, custom development, SEO, debugging, and more.

Monthly pricing is custom for each organization based on your unique needs.

Click here to contact us and request a custom quote.

Salesforce Packages

If your nonprofit uses Salesforce, you’ll be excited to see how well Pure Charity integrates.

A robust, real-time, Salesforce integration to automatically sync up all donors and donations from Pure Charity within Salesforce.

Includes: initial install, authentication of package user in PC, data flow verification, and notification of software updates.



for Salesforce Base Package

Salesforce Base Package (Click for Details)

Sync up Salesforce with your donation data from Pure Charity.

  • Real-time sync of all donor / donation data via Salesforce’s REST API
  • Salesforce Contact Creation for all new donors
  • Salesforce Contact Updates for existing donors
  • Dynamic population of reports
  • Triggering of automated workflows

Services Included:

  • Initial Install of Salesforce package
  • Authentication of Package user in Pure Charity
  • Data Flow Verification
  • Notification of Software Updates
Custom Salesforce Services Available

These services are not included with the Salesforce Base Package, but can be provided at an hourly rate.

  • Custom Configuration
  • Report Building
  • Data Analysis
  • Instance Debugging
  • Syncing of Historical Data

Note: Only nonprofits who are signed up for the Salesforce Base Package are eligible for these hourly services.

Offline Donations Package

While the Pure Charity base plan includes check processing, some organizations desire more granular control of offline donations.

With the Offline Donation Package, you get a Dedicated Lockbox where you can receive, process and map all check data right alongside credit card and ACH data in your Pure Charity account.

With this package you can also make up to 50 adjustments to your fundraisers to ensure your reporting and goal meters are always up to date and accurate, even when gifts come to your office as checks, cash, matching gifts, etc.



Offline Donations Package (Details)

The two primary advantages with the Offline Donation Package are:

  1. Dedicated Lockbox & Automated Check Processing
  2. Fundraiser Adjustments (Up to 50 Per Month)

Dedicated Lockbox & Automated Check Processing

With a Dedicated Lockbox, we provide a physical address where Pure Charity can receive and process checks written for your nonprofit, so they are included in your Pure Charity fundraisers and reports.

Benefits of Lockbox:

  • Physical receipts and year-end statements handled by Pure Charity
  • Coding / routing of physical checks to appropriate fundraiser
  • Fundraiser organizer (trips, staff, etc…) can see check donation data on fundraiser dashboard
  • Check data automatically included in Salesforce (triggers workflows, etc.)
  • Get Accounting Dashboard screens to manage / code checks online
  • Daily updating of donations from checks

Up to 50 Fundraiser Adjustments Per Month

With the Offline Donation package, you also receive the ability to make Fundraiser Adjustments (up to 50/month) so that your online fundraisers include ALL gifts, even those that aren’t processed through Pure Charity.

Fundraiser Adjustments allow your organization to input donations that don’t go through Pure Charity’s online process OR your Dedicated Lockbox, without paying for Pure Charity processing fees.

Fundraiser Adjustments are Great For:

  • Checks or cash mailed to your office
  • Matching gifts or committments
  • Hand delivered donations

This way, no matter how the gift came in, it will be accurately reflected on your online fundraiser page for all to see!

Co-Managed Help Desk Package

When your donors or website visitors have questions, who do they contact?

Do they just give up and leave?

With the Co-Managed Help Desk Package your nonprofit will have a professional and branded Help Desk solution that will provide a positive support experience for your donors, potential donors, and website visitors.

Your Help center will include FAQs, help articles, and include Pure Charity support, as necessary.


/month for 1 license*

+ $500 Setup Fee

Help Desk Package (Details)

Get your donor questions answered in a fast and professional way with a branded and Co-managed Help Desk package.

Your nonprofit Help center will include FAQs, help articles, and easy options to allow people to contact you, if necessary.

Package includes:

  • Premium brand experience for donors interfacing with your organization through a hosted and branded Help Desk that is integrated with your website.
  • Dedicated email address for donors to contact you via email
  • All support cases tracked and logged for reporting and historical reference
  • FAQ section that integrates with your website
  • Pure Charity co-management, as necessary
  • (optional) Dedicated phone number for donors to call and voicemail integrated with your Help Desk system

* If we are your “first contact of support” then we will also charge a volume-based monthly fee. Contact us for more details.


Our team is happy to talk through our pricing with you!

Give us a call at +1 (855) 855-9594 or send us a message here.