Integrated with your most important tools.

Pure Charity integrates with Salesforce, WordPress, and MailChimp to make your donor experience seamless.

WordPress Plugin & Integrations

Pure Charity’s WordPress Plugins Allow for Seamless Integration

The Pure Charity Plugin collection allows you to use Pure Charity’s Fundraising, Sponsorship, Trip Management, General Donations, and Giving Circle application features in your WordPress site.

WordPress + Pure Charity Features

WordPress Developers Available
Our WordPress developers are available to help you get all set up with the Pure Charity plugins.
Fully Customizable
Take control of your Pure Charity giving experience to match the look and feel of your website.
Quick & Easy Installation
You’ll be up and running in no time, with our easy-to-use WordPress plugins. And we are here to help, if needed.

Salesforce Application

Pure Charity’s Salesforce Application Allows Your Data to Integrate in Real-Time

Salesforce + Pure Charity Features

Synchronize All Available Data
All data in Pure Charity including Donors, Transactions, Trips, Sponsorships, Fundraisers, Giving Circles, and more is automatically pushed into your Nonprofit Salesforce instance, in real time.
Built on Salesforce Native Objects
The Pure Charity Salesforce Application uses Salesforce’s Native Objects so it is easy to integrate with anything else that works with Salesforce.
Custom Reports & Dashboards
Track all of your organization’s key performance indicators in real time from your own custom dashboard.
Quick & Easy Installation & Setup
Using the common Salesforce installation and setup process makes getting started very simple and efficient.  Our team is also available to help walk you through this process.

MailChimp Integration

Integrate Your Pure Charity Donor Data with MailChimp in Real Time

MailChimp + Pure Charity Features

Synchronize Data Automatically
Automatically send opt-in donor info to MailChimp lists to unleash the power of custom MailChimp automations, campaigns, and more.
Integrates with Segments & Groups
Easily leverage Mailchimp Segments and Groups to identify contact information according to activity and send more targeted emails.
Create Donation Based Automations
Increase donor activity & engagement by sending your donors custom MailChimp messages based on donation activity.
Quick & Easy Installation & Setup
Using the common MailChimp integration process makes getting started very simple and efficient.  Our team is also available to help walk you through this process.
Why Pure Charity?

You wear a lot of hats. Tech shouldn’t be one.

Tech team too small or busy? No worries. We are happy to help any nonprofit get started and maximize our technology.
Pure Charity is a nonprofit, like you.
We are humanitarians on a mission to help other world-changers with world-class technology. And as a nonprofit, we get you.