You can now manage, fund and promote trips!

At Pure Charity, we know that it can sometimes be hard and stressful to manage both small and large groups that are going on trips. There are a lot of documents and forms you have to manage for multiple individuals, while also trying to help each one strategically fundraise for their trip fees.

At Pure Charity, we want to help make that process easier for your organization! Our new feature, Trip Management, helps you to: create a customized trip on our easy-to-use online interface, manage all of your trip participants and requirements in one spot, provide an easy fundraising platform participants can use to fundraise for their trip fees in a tax-deductible way, and a way for you to promote your trip and the amazing works you’re contributing too!


As a trip leader, you can create a customized trip on our easy-to-use online interface. Participants can then sign up and manage trip requirements and forms, while also fundraising for their trip fees in a tax-deductible way!

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Team Management

Keep track of all of your trip details in one place! Trip leaders can create requirements for their team and manage each individual’s progress.  Easy communication tools help you answer any questions directly from your trip dashboard.

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Custom Forms

Need specific information from your team members like shirt size, passport number, birthday, or emergency contacts? You can easily build forms that match your specific needs, or use one of our pre-created forms that fit your requirement!

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Trip Guarantees

Trip Guarantees create funding milestones by setting a date and the percentage of the funding needed for each milestone. This will help keep trip participants on track with fundraising and paying fees.

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When a participant registers for a trip, they can easily create a fundraiser for their remaining trip fees that will go towards their overall trip cost. Easy sharing buttons allow them to share their fundraiser with friends and family so they can donate  in a tax-deductible way!

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Every trip has expenses. You can now easily keep track of expenses from your trip and get reimbursed directly through our dashboard.

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Pure Charity Process & Fees

The Pure Charity process and fees are the same as always! Individuals can set up fundraisers for charitable donations and the nonprofit will request the fundraising to be disbursed to their organization on their behalf.

Although Trip Management is a new feature on Pure Charity, the processing fee remains 5%. As the trip organizer, you can choose whether or not the 5% fee is included in each individual’s overall trip cost.


So what’s next?!

You can create a trip quickly and easily TODAY! Check out our quick tutorial below that will walk you through the needed steps to start your first trip!