Trip Management and Fundraising

How to Create a Trip

Set basic trip details to include:
  • Trip Name
  • Trip URL – this is also known as your trip “slug” that is used with the Pure Charity Plugin Shortcodes.
  • Region – It is common to use “Worldwide” if you want to keep trip location private.
  • City or Country
  • Privacy Option
  • Trip Start & End Date
Set advanced trip details (optional):
  • Trip ID – Commonly used for easy trip identification in reporting or Salesforce.
  • Registrations – Select one of three privacy options.  “Open” = Public, anyone can register.  Closed” = Publicly Viewable, registration by invite only. “Hidden” = Not publicly viewable and registration by private link only.
  • Category – Trip categories can be used to display specific trip categories via Plugin Shortcodes
  • Tags – Tags can be used in combination with Categories or separately to control trips display via Plugin Shortcodes
Set Trip Story and Branding:
  • Upload trip avatars, widget images, and cover images.
  • Short Description
  • About the Trip
Registration Types

There are multiple configuration options for Trip Registrations.  We have a couple of items to note:

  • Registration Type Availability – You can create multiple Registration Types such as “Early Bird” registration, Adult vs. Child registrations, etc.
  • Participants can register without full payment – allows people to pay some or none when registering for the trip.
  • A deposit is required to register for this trip – requires a deposition when registering for the trip.
Trip Guarantees
  • Trip guarantees are a key feature in ensuring payment and/or fundraising goals stay on track to meet the financial requirements of the trip.
  • Trip Guarantees work by pre-authorizing a credit card payment from the trip attendee for the difference between how much they have raised or paid by a set date vs. the financial requirements at that time.
  • An example:  $500 is due on Jan 1st to purchase plane tickets.  A person registered for the trip has raised $450 on Jan 1st, so a Payment Guarantee is run to charge the trip attendee $50 to cover the difference between what has been raised and what is due.
  • Please note:  Trip Guarantees can be stopped, managed, and controlled by each attendee.


Trip Requirements

Trip Requirements are used to collect the information needed to go and/or qualify for a trip.  Common requirements include Emergency Contact information, Passport information, etc.

Pure Charity provides a set of commonly used Standard Form such as:

  • Business Affiliation Form
  • Emergency Contact Form
  • Family Information Form
  • Medical Information Form
  • Passport Form
  • Personal Information Form
  • Skills Form

Additionally, Pure Charity includes the ability to create Custom Forms for each trip.  Please note that Custom Forms are not able to be synchronized with Salesforce.

Trip Management & Fundraising

  • Creating a Basic Trip
  • Trip Organizers & Admin Functions
  • Trip Branding
  • Trip Dashboards & Admin Management
  • Trip Requirements & Forms
  • Trip Payment Guarantees & Milestones
  • Trip Fundraising
  • Trip Communication with Trip Leaders and Trip Attendees
  • Trip Updates
  • Trip Approval Process
  • Integration & Display of Trips in Nonprofit’s Website (Plug-Ins & Embeds)
  • Customization Options of WordPress & Embedded Trips