Service Tiers and Pricing.

Service Tiers and Pricing to meet you where you are today while positioning you for growth tomorrow.

Every Pure Charity Partner Receives

Unlimited Core Features

Unlimited Fundraiser Pages

Unlimited Sponsorship Programs

Unlimited Trips

Unlimited Peer to Peer Fundraising & Support

Unlimited Online, ACH, & Physical Check Donations (all with the same 5% total fee)

Unlimited Donors

Unlimited Admin Accounts

Unlimited Self-Service Use of Plugins, Embeds, & Reporting

Branded Donation Checkout Screens

Branded Donor Experience (Receipts, Login, Donor Accounts)

Coaching and Support

Nonprofit Training & Resources



Unlimited Core Features

Fundraising Insights & Coaching

World-Class Support

Donor Foundation


Fundraising +
Donor Management



Fundraising +
Website +
Donor Management

Our Process

Step 1: Listen

We listen.  We ask questions.  We seek to understand.  Through our requirements gathering process, we learn about you, your work, your challenges, and your opportunities.  

Step 2: Solution Design

We build a unique road map for each organization with whom we partner.  We focus on specific growth initiatives and phases that are both empowering and efficient.

Step 3: Implementation

We will work with, beside, and for you to implement the specific phases of the identified growth solution.