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Templates: End of Year Giving Appeal Emails

Email is still one of the most important ways that nonprofits can invite their tribes to give and support the mission.

We share some of the statistics and best practices for email marketing in our latest downloadable guide, 12 Fundraising Strategies to Boost Your Nonprofit’s EOY Campaign.

But, needless to say, you should be planning to send a few emails in November and December this year.

To help you out, we’ve given you a jumpstart with this “Swipe Copy”.

Copy & paste your heart out.

EOY Giving Call to Action (Short & Sweet)

We want to thank you for the ways in which you have supported [NONPROFIT NAME] this year. Your contributions and engagement have meant we were able to [LIST THREE THINGS ACCOMPLISHED THIS YEAR].

But we’re not done yet. As part of our year end push, we’re asking you to help us meet our [TOTAL GOAL AMOUNT] goal to help us start 2019 strong. Would you consider donating today? Sharing with friends? Your community?

Let’s make 2019 the best year [NAME OF NONPROFIT] has ever had by starting strong together.

Donate Now [Link to checkout URL of year end fundraiser].

Early December Giving Appeal

December is one of the most important months of the year for our organization.

The generous financial support of passionate people like you is the only reason [NAME OF NONPROFIT] is able to continue our mission to [INSERT MISSION].

In 2018, we’ve been able to see incredible impact. [Insert an emotive story or video here, if available.]We have even greater ambitions for 2019. Together, we can see more lives impacted.

In order to accomplish the goals we’ve set for 2019, we need to raise an additional $[INSERT REMAINING EOY GOAL] by the end of the year.

Hitting this goal would allow us to impact [# OF PEOPLE] more people by/through [WHAT WOULD YOU USE THOSE FUNDS FOR].

This will also send us into the new year with momentum, investing more than ever toward the future of [PEOPLE IMPACTED BY YOUR WORK].

Would you consider a gift of [$XXX] to help us [IMPACT GOAL]? Your gift would [INSERT TANGIBLE OUTCOME OF A GIFT THIS SIZE].

To donate now, click here and give online. [INSERT HYPERLINK WITH DONATION PAGE URL].

Thank you for your support.

Last Week of 2017 Giving Appeal

Join us by giving in the final days of 2018.

Before the year ends, please consider donating toward our ambitious impact goals.

In 2019, we want to help [IMPACT GOALS].

But, without the necessary financial support, these goals may be delayed.

Please consider making a gift of any size today.

Together we can fulfill our mission to [INSERT MISSION].

Click here to give online now. [INSERT HYPERLINK WITH DONATION PAGE URL]

Email Appeal for Sunday, December 31
Hi there,

We wanted to send one final reminder to make your tax-deductible gifts to us by midnight tonight and help us to achieve our ambitious goals to change the lives of [PEOPLE IMPACTED BY WORK].

Join us as we continue toward our vision of [INSERT VISION].

Please take a couple of minutes and donate online today. [INSERT HYPERLINK URL TO DONATE PAGE]

With sincere thanks,


If you are a Pure Charity partner and are looking for ways to communicate with donors about annual statements, you’ll want to click here and check out these two email templates.

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