Sponsorship Program Software

Today, Pure Charity is launching our new Sponsorship Software that will allow your organization to create and mange sponsorship programs from your Pure Charity dashboard! Whether it be child sponsorships, widow sponsorships, teacher sponsorships, or whatever else your organization supports, you can create unique sponsorship programs to fit your need that others can easily rally around and support.

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Pure Charity’s cloud based fundraising software has been a go-to solution for over 500 nonprofits who want a robust, easy-to-use fundraising solution. Now, your nonprofit can create sponsorship programs and manage them in real time from your Pure Charity dashboard.

Our software allows you to customize your sponsorship program to be set up as a one-to-one sponsorship, multiple sponsorships, or crowd funding models. Not only do you have the opportunity to tell the story of each individual being sponsored, but you can now allow multiple people to partake in that story!

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Also, your organization can embed the sponsorship program directly into  your own website!  Our API and wordpress plugin make it super easy. This allows you to control the branding and story, but also have the admin capabilities on Pure Charity that allows you to create and manage your programs, download donor information, post updates, and oversee recurring donations for all of your sponsorship programs in one spot.

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And the best part?! We still issues all of the tax-receipts–one less thing you have to worry about! It doesn’t get much better than that.

For a peak at how our Sponsorship Software works, check out Help One Now’s child sponsorship program for Ethiopia!

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Interested in creating a sponsorship program for your organization? Contact us toady, and we’d be happy to help you get started!

We’re excited to walk alongside you as you advocate, love, encourage, and support individuals around the world today!

Contact us with any questions.