Game-changing Salesforce integration.

This robust integration provides real-time synchronization of all Pure Charity features (donations, donors, fundraisers, sponsorship programs, trips, giving circles, and more).

Sophisticated donor development is now a reality.

When your Pure Charity data is centralized in Salesforce, you can guide donors along a journey from distant followers to raving fans and fundraisers.

Your data, automatically in Salesforce.

Push All Available Data

All native data in Pure Charity including Donors, Transactions, Trips, Sponsorships, Fundraisers, Giving Circles, and more is automatically pushed into your Nonprofit Salesforce instance, in real time.

Built on Salesforce Native Objects

The Pure Charity Salesforce Application uses Salesforce’s Native Objects so it is easy to integrate with anything that works with Salesforce. (like Zapier, Eventbrite, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Survey Monkey and many others.)

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Customize your reporting and simplify your life.

You can capture tons of data and yet still focus your attention on the few data points that you really need.

Quick & Easy Installation & Setup

Using the common Salesforce installation and setup process makes getting started very simple and efficient.  Our team is also available to help walk you through this process.


This changes everything.

Imagine all your data, exactly where you need it.

We’ll have you set-up in no time.

With the Salesforce Package, you get:

  • Real-time push of donor / donation data (+ all other Pure Charity native data) via Salesforce’s REST API.
  • Salesforce Contact Creation and Updates for all new and existing donors
  • See each individual donation to a fundraiser and create custom automated email follow-ups for both fundraiser organizers and donors.
  • Quickly identify failed recurring donors and automatically send personalized reminders to resume their donation.
  • Quickly see data across multiple Sponsorship Programs so you can manage large and global Sponsorship organization with ease.
  • Scales with you as you grow your organization.
  • Completely capture trip participant data for the current trip and for future.
  • Tap into a new donor base for trip participant donors, with automatic trip follow-up emails, and invitations.
  • Dynamic population of reports
  • Triggering of automated workflows and emails

Pure Charity Services Included:

  • Initial Install of Salesforce package
  • Authentication of Package user in Pure Charity
  • Data Flow Verification
  • Notification of Software Updates
  • If the data stops working, our team is here to help you solve it.
  • Data monitoring and resolution of any data interuptions


Pure Charity is the only platform that can pull all this data into Salesforce.

Trip Management

Program Data

Peer to Peer Fundraising

Donation Data

Salesforce admins love Pure Charity.

“Pure Charity’s trip management system allows us to easily create and manage our trips. Through their intuitive dashboards we are able to track applicants as they raise funds and complete trip requirements.”

Jason Morris

e3 Partners

“Pure Charity is a huge time saver. As I coordinate anywhere from 200-500 travelers a year, having all of the monetary donations, payments, and accounting handled by Pure Charity has taken a lot off my plate.”

Penny Stady

Global Director, Hear the Cry

Salesforce Package Pricing

A robust, real-time, Salesforce integration to automatically push all donors and donations from Pure Charity to Salesforce.



for Salesforce Base Package

Custom Salesforce Services Available (click for details)

These services are not included with the Salesforce Base Package, but can be provided at an hourly rate.

  • Custom Configuration
  • Report Building
  • Data Analysis
  • Instance Debugging
  • Migration of Historical Data from External Sources to Pure Charity

Note: Only nonprofits who are signed up for the Salesforce Base Package are eligible for these hourly services.

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