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State of Good 2018 Survey & Giveaway

We invite all nonprofit leaders and practitioners to help us take an honest look at the health and state of the nonprofit sector in 2018.

Fundraising Resources

12 Simple, Actionable, & Effective Tactics that Can Lift Your Fundraising Efforts

The #1 Thing CEO Mike Rusch Says to Nonprofit Leaders About Fundraising

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For Pure Charity Nonprofit Partners

Get Your Questions Answered

For those of you already using Pure Charity, we’ve compiled the most frequently asked donor and nonprofit questions related to End of Year, receipting, and accounting.


We’ve pre-written a couple important emails for you to swipe from us and use for your nonprofit. It’s not stealing, because we said it was ok.

Simplify Fundraising in 2018

Pure Charity software can help your nonprofit grow with robust donation processing, trip management, sponsorship programs and peer to peer fundraising.

The best way to learn more is request a demo and get the conversation started with Leah.

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