We Walk Behind Giants

Pure Charity is honored to serve so many incredible nonprofits.

“Pure Charity is a huge time saver. As I coordinate anywhere from 200-500 travelers a year, having all of the monetary donations, payments, and accounting handled by Pure Charity has taken a lot off my plate.”

Penny Stady

Global Director, Hear the Cry

Kitti Murray

Founder, Refuge Coffee Company

“SO much to be thankful for. I’m glad we’re on the same team – and thankful for the many ways you guys serve!”

“The transition to Pure Charity was simple. The support they provide is fantastic and the platform is ready made for success.”

Larry Hall

Executive Director, Y-Malawi

Chris Marlow

Founder, Help One Now

“Pure Charity has helped us save a lot of money and time. We don’t even have to think about it.”

“Pure Charity’s trip management system allows us to easily create and manage our trips. Through their intuitive dashboards we are able to track applicants as they raise funds and complete trip requirements.”

Jason Morris

e3 Partners

David Hayes

Real 4 Christ Ministries

“R4C Child Sponsorship is growing with Pure Charity. We could not do this without you. As our program reaches 1000 students in the next few years we know that Pure Charity will help us get all of our kids sponsored and help us connect them to their sponsors.”

Pure Charity Has Powered Over 1,500 World-Changing Nonprofits

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More Nonprofit Reviews

“They listen to me! They work hard to understand what each organization’s mission is, and they’ve built in incentive for themselves to do good work and scalibility for any size organization.”

Angie Albright, Clinton House Museum

“The most compelling reason to work with Pure Charity is that you are working with another nonprofit. The fees and services you pay for are not lining corporate pockets.

This satisfaction of knowing that the moneys raised through the use of Pure Charity’s services are in turn being invested in other worthwhile and innovative organizations is admirable.”

Terrell Welch, Mercy House Global

“The email help desk is very responsive and always helpful.” 

Daneen Peterson, Christ’s Gift Academy in Mbita, Kenya

“You guys are constantly working to make things more efficient and effective.  Working with Pure Charity has been a game changer for Love Does.”

“The interface is amazing.”

Rick Bowers, Feed.Teach.Hope.

“Great people, tech that works, quick answers.”

John Ray, Abide Collective

“If we have a problem you strive to find a solution in creative and mutually beneficial ways.”

Drü Collie, Sole Hope

“The reporting is really nice. It shows all the necessary info and makes importing Pure Charity donations into our donor record software easy.”

Ariel Meneese, World Orphans

“It’s an awesome tool for our teams to raise individual support and communicate independently why they are going on one of our mission trips.”

Kristin Potler, YWAM Baltimore

“Having all tools and data available to me when I need them has been really helpful.”

Ben David, Hope Speaks International