Members of the Pure Charity team arrived in Porte-au-Prince, Haiti last night as a part of Help One Now’s Blogger Trip.

The team settling in after a long day of traveling.

Help One Now is a Pure Charity Field Partner who is committed to caring for orphans & vulnerable children by empowering & resourcing high-capacity local leaders in order to transform communities & break the cycle of extreme poverty.

The main goal of this trip is to evaluate, learn, and apply the knowledge of how Pure Charity can be used to aid our Field Partners, who are doing the hard work on the ground.

There is simply no better way to learn how we can build Pure Charity as a resource than to be there side by side, hand in hand with those doing the work.  So, at this early stage in the launch of Pure Charity, we felt it very important to evaluate first hand how Pure Charity is impacting the lives of people.

After Tropical Storm Isaac, which eventually became Hurricane Isaac passed through Haiti in September; Help One Now reacted quickly by posting an emergency relief project in Pure Charity to bring aid to those affected by the storm.

A woman works to recover her personal possessions from her flattened home in a camp for displaced people in Port au Prince. Tropical storm Isaac passed across Haiti overnight with high winds and heavy rains, flooding low lying areas of the capital and flattening camps for displaced people from the January 2010 earthquake. Photo Logan Abassi UN/MINUSTAH Logan Abassi


Help One Now supporters & other Pure Charity advocates acted quickly to fund the project & deliver the relief to those in Haiti.

Additionally, we have the privilege of being on this trip with an amazing group of bloggers to include: Jennie Allen, Sarah Bessey, Mary DeMuth, Jen Hatmaker, Kristen Howerton, Deidra Riggs, Duane Scott, Mollie Donoban Burpo, Kris Rutherford, and Scott Wade. Serving alongside these bloggers will provide us an additional depth of learning that will allow us to ensure that Pure Charity is connecting and empowering people to share these incredible stories of hope in order to rally their communities to also be a voice of hope.

We invite you to follow along this week during our journey. Check back throughout the week for periodic updates from Haiti on what we are seeing and what we are learning.


Help One Now has been working within Haiti the past two years since the earthquake that devastated an already devastated country.

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