Cure International - MINTESANEW FIKADU

Mintesanew Fikadu, Ethiopia (Cure International project funded by Pure Charity users on July 30, 2012)

Last month, Pure Charity givers impacted their first life!

Twelve people responded quickly to the story of Mintesanew Fikadu, a five year-old boy who lives in Ethiopia and needs surgery for his clubfoot condition.

The total cost of the surgery: $500.




He is not quite in school yet, but he can’t wait to go once he heals from his operation. He doesn’t get included with the other kids in the village because they don’t understand his clubfeet, and they make fun of him. So instead, he just plays with his family. He has 5 sisters and 3 brothers, and his cousins also live nearby. He is the youngest. This is his first time seeing an actual doctor. When he was a little younger, he was casted in hopes to change the shapes of his feet, but that proved unsuccessful. Now he is finally getting the surgery he needs so that he can run and play with the other kids and maybe explain to them that it was just a curable condition that some kids are faced with.”


Mintesanew’s story is clearly understood, generates a compassionate response, and presents a simple solution to which people can quickly respond. The stories of individuals are never to be exploited; rather, it is the hope and promise of a changed life that we highlight. And for Mintesanew, that means a future of running and playing with his friends in the village!


Thanks to all those who joined with CURE International to help Mintesanew!