Recently Pure Charity has started an internship program for local college students to learn more about how technology and passion help nonprofits change the world! Our interns work with the Pure Charity to help with customer support, social media and marketing, Field Partner implementations, fundraising coaching and much more! Since our interns might be working directly with your nonprofit in some capacity, we want YOU to know who they are so you can put a face to the name when working with them. Now it is time to introduce our lovely new intern, Jenna! She brings so much fun to our team and we are so excited to introduce her! 

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Jenna Locklear: Customer Experience Intern

Why do you want to work for a nonprofit? I’m passionate about making an impact wherever there is a need. It is my desire to bring business insights to nonprofit organizations in order to help them achieve their mission. I have high hopes to work with organizations that have a global impact.

Out of our six cause categories (food, freedom, health, opportunity, water and environment), which one do you feel most passionate about? Of the six causes, I’m most passionate about opportunity. Making people feel valued and loved is and caring for orphans and/or the vulnerable is a true act of service. Whether that is financially or doing hands-on work, I’m passionate about pursuing efforts that will provide opportunities for people that can’t provide for themselves.

How will your role help support nonprofits through Pure Charity? As the Customer Experience intern, I strive to make Pure Charity partnerships run smoothly and efficiently. I’m here to help with your questions, provide assistance or if you just want some advice!

What does choosing hope mean to you? To me, choosing hope means making a conscious decision of finding optimism in a situation where you desperately need help. Making that personal decision brings empowerment and is encouraging to the people around you. Persevering through the hard times and choosing hope is a testament of strength.

What University do you go to and what is your major? How do you want to use your major one day? I am currently attending the University of Arkansas. WOO PIG! Marketing major with a minor in Communication and Nonprofit Studies. I want to be incentivized by the joy of helping people and making an eternal impact.

What is something you would like the Pure Charity community to know about you? Food is my love language. Conversing over a meal together may just be my favorite thing. Not only do I love food, but also getting to sit and chat for a little bit brings me joy!

(Twitter and Instagram handles) Instagram & Twitter: @Jennalocklear