Meet our founders.
Josh & Kristin Copher

Josh and Kristin Copher started Pure Charity in 2010 with a vision of empowering individuals into a movement of generosity.

After seeing the need surrounding them while building an orphanage in Malawi, Africa, the Cophers decided they wanted to create a way to allow people to meet the needs of others in a very tangible way.

Pure Charity was created as a way to enable individuals and communities to actively participate in the stories happening around the world today–stories of hope, love, redemption, and second chances. They believed that we all could live lives of generosity, and wanted to inspire others into action–into giving–into advocating–and in turn, to loving those around us.

Sadly, Josh Copher passed away in April, 2014. Although Josh is no longer with us, we are motivated by his love and passion for others, and his belief that we all have a part in making this world a better place. Kristin continues to serve on the Pure Charity team and Board of Directors.

So, in honor of the Copher’s dream, we press on and #WeChooseHope.