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Sarang House, founded in 2002 by Young-Jin Lee, is an orphanage in China that serves children by providing much needed care, food, shelter, education, life-skills training, and access to medical services. Many of the children are mentally and/or physically disabled and are in need of on-going love and care.

Young-Jin Lee recently experienced a severe stroke and is currently unable to provide leadership for the orphanage nor engage efforts in funding the work. She is well loved by the kids and well respected as a leader in providing excellent care for orphans in China. As someone who has volunteered the past decade of her life to these children of China, we want to make sure her work of care continues even while she is absent during recovery.

Check out the video below to hear more about the story from Young-Jin Lee’s son, Charles Lee.


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Want to help Sarang House?!

 Join Pure Charity as we team up with International Care Community as they rally together in hopes of raising $100,000 ($50,000 online & $50,000 offline) in order to fund the basic operational costs of the orphanage for 18 months while Young-Jin recovers.  Click here to donate to the fundraiser!

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You can follow the story, receive updates, and hear about the progress that your donations are making at Charles Lee’s blog.