Recently Pure Charity has started an internship program for local college students to learn more about how technology and passion help nonprofits change the world! Our interns work with the Pure Charity to help with customer support, social media and marketing, Field Partner implementations, fundraising coaching and much more! Since our interns might be working directly with your nonprofit in some capacity, we want YOU to know who they are so you can put a name to face when working with them. Here is a snapshot of our newest Intern, Caroline Smith! Trust us, you’ll love her.


Why do you want to work for a nonprofit? 

I want to work for a nonprofit because I desire to be apart of an organization that is passionate about creating change and helping others. Pure Charity has opened my eyes even more to the needs around me and getting to work with people who are persistent in pursuing hope and bringing justice to everyone has already taught me so much. Getting to intern for an organization where I get to see firsthand people giving generously and selflessly has motivated me and challenged me in the best ways.

Out of our six cause categories (food, freedom, health, opportunity, water and environment), which one do you feel most passionate about? 

It’s hard to narrow down but I would have to say I am most passionate about opportunity. There is such beauty in empowering people and giving them opportunities to have a life full of promise and hope. Giving opportunity means everybody gets a seat at the table, and that is something that I deeply desire to become a reality for those in need.

16a25969-6f69-42af-a6d3-445c24689823How will your role help support nonprofits through Pure Charity?

As the social media intern, I get to be apart of telling other’s stories and bringing hope through encouragement. Being a storyteller for the work being done inspires others to join in and be apart of the good that is happening.

What does “Choosing Hope” mean to you? 

Choosing hope means choosing to fight for the good that is being done in the midst of a broken world. It is an inspiration to keep pushing forward and focusing on the dreams we have of seeing all people live a free and fulfilling life.

What University do you go to and what is your major? How do you want to use your major one day? 

I am a senior at the University of Arkansas where I am majoring in Communication and minoring in Social Work. The combination of the two fields has benefited me in many ways. Social work has equipped me with the knowledge necessary for how to be an advocate for those in need and Communication has taught me how to work with others to make a difference for those who I am advocating for. I want to use my major to continue working in the nonprofit field in a position where I get to fight for those in need and speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

What is something you would like the Pure Charity community to know about you?

My ultimate love language is the sharing of music. Send me a track on Spotify and I’ll love you forever.

(Twitter & Instagram Handles) @carolinersmith