This Father’s Day we invite you to join us in doing something a little different.  Honor your dad by giving towards a 99 Balloons Fundraiser & we will provide you with a signed copy of the founders new book, A Story Unfinished.
Continue reading below to  get a glimpse of the story behind 99 Balloons & Matt’s new book.

At thirty weeks pregnant, Matt Mooney and his wife Ginny were informed that their child had a genetic disease Trisomy 18.

They were told that birth was unlikely.
That life was not viable.
That a bleak future awaited.

They were not told that they would get 99 days with this child and these precious days would change them forever. Through the sleepless nights, an unrelenting desire for answers, and the frightening reality that slides in where optimism once resided, Matt and Ginny walked with family and friends through the life and death of their first born son.

At Eliot’s funeral, 99 balloons were released into the air to represent the 99 days of his life. This act of remembrance stirred the hearts of a community and a country.

The story of Eliot was featured on Oprah and the Today show. A video of his life was watched by millions on Youtube. But the story of Eliot’s life and death is not the end of this journey. Through the impact of his life, a legacy has continued.

A Story Unfinished chronicles a father’s journey of pain and redemption and the mystery of God and His goodness in the midst of it all.

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