How to Recover from #GivingTuesday


#GivingTuesday 2017 is over.

How did it go?

Here at Pure Charity we spent the day watching, analyzing, and cheering-on our nonprofit friends (while also seeing tons of giving through our platform!).

Whether it was a record-breaking day or not, I’m sure many of you are worn out from late night emails, last-minute social media posts, and responding to all the buzz.

As the day wrapped up yesterday, I recorded this short video just to encourage all of you, especially those of you who may be walking away from #GivingTuesday a little worn down or disappointed.



Like I say in the video, December is just getting started.

Stay in the game. Stay the course.

Don’t be discouraged.

Continue to do the hard work to understand what motivates your donors to give and show them an irresistable, friction-free, path to give.

Your end of year fundraising campaign is more important and bigger than just #GivingTuesday.

And if you need some inspiration, brew a fresh cup of coffee and sit down and read our 12 Fundraising Strategies to Boost End of Year Giving here.

This PDF guide, as well as the new content coming soon, is intended to help you have a great December and fuel your mission into 2018 and beyond.

Thanks for choosing hope with us.

We are grateful for you.

How to boost your end of year fundraising

12 simple, actionable, and effective tactics that can immediately lift your fundraising efforts.