Using Pure Charity To Raise Adoption Funds?

by | Mar 17, 2015 | Features

Let’s make it a success!

First off, we are so thrilled you are adopting! We’re thankful for the chance to be a part of your adoption story and want to make bringing home your child as easy as possible! We see many adoption fundraisers started on Pure Charity – some raising small amounts of funding and others raising above and beyond their goals. We know fundraising can be hard and that is why we want to share a few tips to help yours be the best success!

Recently we had a family fundraise with Pure Charity collecting over $20,000 (more than their goal amount!!) We asked them to share a few of their tips on successful fundraising.

Q: How did you share your adoption fundraiser?

A: We shared our fundraiser with family and friends largely through social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). We also shared a link to our fundraiser through email to close family members and friends who may not be as tech-savvy or up on the social trends.

Q: What other things have you done to get the word out?

A: It was—and continues to be—really important to us to not only ‘ask’ for contributions to this fund, but to allow family and friends to ‘enter in’ to the process of adopting with us. We don’t just share our needs, we rejoice in the small victories of the day-to-day. We post pictures of us painting our future nursery, we post photos of paperwork we’ve completed, the day we became a waiting family, our current prayer requests, all that is hard and all that is good.

Q: Have you done events outside of PC to help fundraise for your adoption?

A: Yes! To us this was very important… to not be passive in the fundraising process, sitting back waiting for people to donate on our behalf. We have done a myriad of small fundraisers: We collected donations of items that we sold at a large yard sale. We used our talents to help fundraise like selling or having mini-photo shoots with families through our photography business. We gave up eating out for a few months to set aside some of our own money, and we have collected change. Nothing too flashy, but all of these have been very effective. It was helpful to us to add in whatever we made directly into our Pure Charity fundraiser to make sure we were being 100% transparent with our funds. It also helped us keep better track of our progress.

Q: Any additional advice?

A: Lots! First, track who has given to you and make sure you thank them appropriately (hand-written notes, phone calls, etc.). Be relational.  We didn’t want this to just be an electronic donation. We wanted to connect with people we loved or strangers who may not even know us, but love adoption. We know that most of the work for successful fundraising has been done in simply stating our need, being genuine, and inviting people into our story.

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