4 Quick Wins for #GivingTuesday


#GivingTuesday (Nov. 27) is almost here.

While there is a ton of competition for attention, #GivingTuesday has also grown year after year and hundreds of millions of dollars are now given on this day.

We’ve got 4 quick and easy ideas to help you make the most of this Giving Day.

1. Choose & craft a short impact story to tell. 


Look for a simple and emotive story that demonstrates the impact of the work you are doing and the importance of your donors and advocates.

Find a photo to support the story, if you can, and write out the story in a short paragraph or two.

If you need some inspiration, here is a recent guest post we published to help you craft and tell a powerful impact story.

Write this story down and share it on #GivingTuesday with email and social media.


2. Send 2 to 3 compelling, plain-text, emails to your list.


Here is your chance to tell the story from step #1.

To make the email most effective, try these 5 tips:

  1. Use an irresistible subject line that will stand out and make readers want to open.
  2. Make it personal. People connect with and respond to other people more than organizations. So, write the email in a personal way.
  3. Take out the graphics, and send a plain-text email that feels like an email from a friend. (do your friends send lots of graphics and logos in their emails?)
  4. Share an impact story.
  5. Remind people about #GivingTuesday and invite them to give.

Email is still one of the most effective online fundraising strategies.

Don’t be afraid to send multiple emails about #GivingTuesday. Only a percentage of your list will actually open and read the first email, so a second and third email is more of a courtesy reminder than an annoyance.


3. Invite 3 to 5 multipliers/influencers to help spread the word.


Make a quick list of people who have influence and are passionate about your mission. These could be board members, bloggers, or musicians.

Their influence could be with a small circle of people, a huge social media following, or an email list.

Send each of these people a short email or text, asking them to help you spread the word on #GivingTuesday. Be sure to give them the story from #1 above, so they have something compelling to share.

Even more importantly, ask them to share from their own heart about why they have been involved in your organization.


4. Personally ask people to participate. 


Make a list of friends, family, donors, and advocates who you can invite to give with a personal text, email, or phone call.

Don’t pressure. Just invite.

Share your passion, your story from #1 above, and explain the impact that a gift could have on the lives of others.


And in case #GivingTuesday doesn’t go so well…


If #GivingTuesday doesn’t go as planned (or you just failed to plan for it at all) don’t be discouraged.

It’s not too late to hit a homerun with your end of year giving campaign, which is (in our opinion) much more important than #GivingTuesday.

However, if you haven’t already, it’s time to get started planning!

To help you strategize and plan your end of year fundraising campaign, we’ve written out a 20+ page guide full of best practices and the most effective methods we’ve seen for ending the year strong. Click here to download the PDF now.

While we are grateful for the impact from#GivingTuesday and the millions given each year on this day, there is also a ton of competition for the attention of your audience.

We’d recommend putting much more planning and effort into your own nonprofit Giving Day or your broader End of Year campaign.

Let us know how it goes, or how we can help! 

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